Residential & ADA

J & H has been renovating homes for over thirty years. We specialize in fire and water restoration as well as additions, sunrooms, updated kitchens, bathrooms, etc. See below for some examples of work we have completed.



When people become wheelchair bound, it no doubt changes their lives forever. The little things in life that could have been taken for granted now seem to be near impossible to accomplish. At J & H Construction, we work to make those tasks as effortless as possible.

Any contractor can come into a home and widen doors and add a roll-in shower, but making a home “ADA compliant” does not always make it easily accessible. For example, just because the door is widened does not mean that it is in the room’s best location for traveling by wheelchair. The staff at J & H have the training and experience to move a wall or add a shower with the knowledge of why this action is necessary for accessibility. At the beginning of each project, we take time with each client to access the situation at hand. By understanding the client’s problems, we can better acquire a plan that is unique to every project.

When adversity strikes an individual, it usually affects an entire family. Our compassionate employees understand the environment they will be working in and will do their best to make the transition period less burdensome. It is not just the work at hand. It is the attitude, kindheartedness and support shown by all our employees.


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